Langkawi Island or Pulau Langkawi in Malay Language consists of 99 islands separate from mainland Malaysia. By having the charming tropical island scenery, Langkawi has become one of the top spot in this country.

Crystal clear water, mouth-watering seafood dishes and variety of island activities are the best formula to form Langkawi as a fantastic island to visit in Malaysia.

Surrounding by Strait of Malacca and Andaman Sea, Langkawi is a resourceful island. Explore the natural side of Langakawi by visiting the famous Cenang Beach, Seven Wells Waterfall, Kilim Geopark, Tanjung Rhu Beach, or to the peak of Gunung Machinchang. If you are more toward the cultural side, do not miss out the Makam Mahsuri Tomb which is under a spell or check out the batik workshop is the Batik Art Village.

Langkawi has become a famous spot because of the turquoise blue colour sea and endless beaches surrounding the island. The unique limestone caves and the mystery old rainforest are waiting to be discovered by outsider.

Langkawi is a tropical Island under the sunshine all year round. Apart from the beautiful beach, unique limestone, and old rainforest, there are a few mystical folk tales and legends spread from the island. From the Malay classical literature, Langkawi is a “mount” for Hindu God Vishnu and a stop point for the holy bird - Garuda.

This is an island for those like to indulge in the beauty of natural, have an intimate interaction with Mother Nature. Take a chance to discover the coral reefs or experience Langakwi-an way of life by becoming a local fisherman. Besides, you can either take part in water activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing or stay dry by join the bicycle tour, horse riding or discover the mystery caves in the island.

Langkawi is a duty free island. For shopaholic, they can spend whole day in Kuah Town, Padang Mat Sirat or Padang lalang just to get local handicrafts or daily supplies in a very low price.

When we think of Island, we think of the white smooth sand and crystal clear water. That is what you can find in Langkawi. For those have an adventurous mind, there are endless of exciting activities to be discovered.

【Pulau Beras Basah】

Pulau Beras Basah has white smooth sand and crystal clear water. Lay on the soft sand beach for sunbath or join the swimming session with the fish. Be caution that you are not the only one in the island, local monkeys can be found at the beach. Do not get tricked by these creatures and just sharing the peaceful environment with them.

【Pulau Dayang Bunting】

Pulau Dayang Bunting has a very special terrain. A distance view from the sea, the island in a shape of a sleeping pregnant woman and this is where the island’s name came from. Besides the greenery scene around the island, you can found a fresh water lake inside the island. Swim or rent a pedal boat to have fun in this lake.

【Cenang Island】

Cenang Beach is the most crowed beach full of water activities such as Banana boat, parasailing, jet skiing, and etc. Looking for postcard scenery? Sunset scene at Cenang Beach amazed you when the sky and water change to gold colour in just few minutes. After light out, the nightlife begun. Endless local restaurants, bars and shops stand along Cenang Beach for you to find out.

【Langkawi Sky Bridge】

Langkawi Sky Bridge has been opened since 2005. The curved 125 meter pedestrian bridge lay above the Gunung mat Chinchang. The bridge is suspended by 8 cables from a 81.5m high single pylon, and hangs at about 100m above ground.

For those like to get a little bit beyond the normal viewing angle, step into the sky bridge and feel connection between the sky and you.

【Seven Wells Waterfall】

Seven Wells Waterfall is so named because seven natural pools have been formed at different levels by water streams that flow down the second highest mountain of Langkawi - Mount Mat Cincang. From the legends, fairies from the sky like to take a bath or play around the waterfall.


The unique terrain in this area is suitable for rock climb and zipline activities.

【Langkawi Wildlife Park】

Operated since 2002, Langkawi Wildlife Park used to be called as Langkawi Bird Park. As the number of wildlife guests increased and become diversified, they decided to transfer it into a Widllife Park. More than 2500 beautiful creatures or 150 species of bird found here, this place cannot be missed from Langkawi to do list.

Cassowary, Flamingo, Laughing Trush, Fennec Fox, Kancil and some of the cutest animals can be found here. Visitors will get a chance to feed them or play with them.

【Snorkeling : Sensational interaction】

Just an hour boat trip from Langkawi, Pulau Payar is a snorkelling paradise. The peaceful sea with slow current allows your kids and your couple to have a safe snorkelling session around the island.

Swim with tropical fish, watch the colourful coral reefs. Perhaps this is the best time you can have in your Langkawi trip.


【Fishing and BBQ Lunch : Spend leisure time with local】

Love fishing? Why do not have your favourite hobby here in Langkawi? The resourceful sea is nurturing variety of sea fish. Imagine the excited moment when you flight and caught a big fish from the sea. If you are a newbie, the local will share their own way of fishing skill with you.

Love fishing? Why do not have your favourite hobby here in Langkawi? The resourceful sea is nurturing variety of sea fish. Imagine the excited moment when you flight and caught a big fish from the sea. If you are a newbie, the local will share their own way of fishing skill with you.

【Ride in the forest : Discover the hidden gem】

Ride on a pony and get a tour around the island rainforest. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the moist, hear the sound in the rainforest and foster yourself into the nature.


Tourists are able to enjoy duty free shopping experience when they are staying more than 3 nights on the island. Kuah is a major shopping district in Langkawi. It used to be a small village, but now it has become a modern town with shopping mall.


Hainan Chicken Rice

One of the best dishes in Malaysia- Hainan Chicken Rice served with herb’s rice and steam salty chicken. Once you have tasted it, you will never forget the perfect combination between rice and chicken. If you are carving for high quality one, restaurant in The Datai Langkawi is among the best. Gulai House next to Datai Langkawi famous for their Malay and Indian dishes included Crab Soup, Satay and unique local dessert. Located inside the deep rainforest, the restaurant does not have a window, door or even a proper floor. The concept is to enhance guest’s dining experience in the forest.

Java Mee

Get a little bit of spice to trigger your appetite. The smooth local yellow noodles mixed with local spicy herb soup will let you taste the heat in the dish.


Made out of seasoned chicken and beef, the tasty satay served with cucumber or onion and rice ball to keep the taste balance.


Langkawi International Airport is serving domestic and international line daily. National Airlines – Malaysia Airlines and other budget airlines such as Airasia provides multiple trips from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Langkawi International Airport in less than 1.5 hours. Cenang Beach located in south of Airport is reachable by taxi or car rental in less than 10 USD. Please be reminded that Langkawi do not have public transport service. Please plan carefully before departs.

Train service from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar and Arau available in daily basis. A 20 minutes trip from Alor Setar or Arau, you will be able to get in the ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi. If you wish to know train schedule, please visit Kereta Api Tanah Melayu website. The taxi fees from these locations to the port should cost you less than 10 USD.

If you wish to travel by coach, you may have to depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Kuala lumpur outskirt. The nearest drop off spot is Perlis or Kuala Perlis. From Kuala Perlis, you can take an hour ride to Langkawi.

【Inland Transport】


The only transport available in the island is taxi and Uber service. A short trip should only cost you less than 2 USD. For a longer journey to unpopular area, you need to call a taxi which cost you more.

Car Rental

The most convenience transport mode in Langkawi is to rent a car. You will found multiple car rental companies inside the airport and if necessary, you can book the service online before departure.

Car Rental Requirement

You need to present your passport, driving license recognized by local authority and certain amount of deposit for car rental. Please be reminded that petrol or gas needs to be filled up before return the car.


Ringgit is the currency in Malaysia issue by Bank Negara. The available notes included Malaysia Ringgit RM 100, RM 50, RM 10, RM 5, RM 1 and 50 cent, 20 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 1 cent (RM 1 equal to 100 cent).


A valid passport with 6 month validity is required.


Please contact your bank to activate credit or debit card for oversea use.


For holidays or vacation in Malaysia, most countries’ citizen does not need a visa to enter within 30 days’ stay. For more details, please check with your country embassy.

【Plug and Socket】

Malaysia is using Type G socket with 220-240V. This is uncommon in non-Commonweal countries.

【Health and Medicine】

Please ensure you carry all necessary medicine before boarding. For ristricted medicine, you may require a prove letter from your doctor before enter Malaysia.

Langkawi is a Muslim island. The local cultural might be different from yours one.

? Take your shoes off before enter the house.

? Right hand for eating, handling object and hand shake.

?Use index finger to point an object or person is not recommends.

? Take of your shoe if you are entering mosque or local temple.

? Some mosque will prepare clothes to cover your head or other body part before enter.

? If you wish to take photo in a mosque or prayer room, please get the permission first.

Most Malay or Muslim do not consume alcohol.

Langkawi located in tropical region, please bring along short sleeve shirt or short pant.

You may get sunburn if you do not apply sunscreen, wear a sunglass or get an umbrella.

Get insect repellent to prevent a bite from mosquito which may lead you to dengue or malaria.

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